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Shaping Future Leaders After School Hours from Home

About us
We specialize in offering curriculum enrichment skills for  your children post-school hours, all from the comfort of your home.

Our dedicated team of educators and professionals are committed to creating comprehensive and engaging digital content, ensuring that your child’s learning journey continues beyond the confines of the classroom.

Whether it's bolstering academic understanding, exploring new areas of knowledge, or developing life skills. We are here to support your child's growth in every aspect.

Venture on this enriching journey with us at Class 2 Connect and see how learning can be boundless, insatiable and fun.

Our courses

1.Skill based tuition sessions from Monday to Friday for children studying in classes 1 to 5, along with HW completion assistance and examination preparation. 2. Grammar, creative writing and show tell classes on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. 3.Phonics session with focus on reading as a skill development for children studying in classes Nursery and KG. Monday to Friday class or Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. The classes uses Jolly Phonics and Raz Plus resources . 4. Reading classes for children studying in classes Nursery to class 5. The book resources used will be "Oxford Reading Tree" and "Raz Plus". 5. Abacus classes for children. 6. Science experiment classes for Pre Primary and Primary classes. The children studying in classes 3 to 5 will be trained how to write experiments. 7. Personality Development sessions like – empathy, caring, behavior corrections, dressing etiquettes, table manners, etc. 8. Speaking classes for children and adults for confidence building . 9. Exercise and meditation classes for children and adults.

School training and Parent connect sessions

1. School Connect Trainings : trainings related to a wide variety of curriculum content for pre primary and the primary school teachers are available . The Training sessions can be taken by me visiting your school or online. The sessions can be booked online/ offline for schools. Individual/Group online session booking is also available for the teachers from a school. 2. Parent connect sessions like – phonic session, math ninja, understanding children's behaviour patterns, creating confident children and many more modules to choose from. The sessions can be booked online/offline for schools. Individual or Group booking is also available for the parents.

  • Panchkula, Haryana, India